Our mission makes us stand out

It is our mission and vision to both deliver the best quality grass turf and planting topsoil to our clients and at the same time exceed their expectations when it comes to the personal service they enjoy. We deliver on both, every time to both domestic and commercial clients across the UK.

And that coupled with our fair pricing structure and exceptional service, makes Rollaturf the UK’s answer to garden turf and garden topsoil – to order.

Founded just over 15 years ago by turf and soil enthusiast James Metcalfe, Rollaturf has now established itself as the UK’s answer to exceptional quality grass turf and garden topsoil for any outdoor requirement, domestic or commercial.

Based in the North East of England, in the beautiful Richmond countryside, our team of eight fellow turf and topsoil enthusiasts and 4 reliable forklift HGV’s work around the clock to meet our customers’ requirements – North or South, big or small – we’re on the ball!

Years of experience makes for a quality product

You can expect the highest quality grass turf and planting topsoil in the industry, due to our knowledge and experience in growing to the optimum level, to ensure we’ve got enough grass and soil, ready for the picking.

Not only is all of our grass turf and planting topsoil nurtured and home grown in our own purpose farmed nearby fields, but we also ensure the best quality turf and soil delivery to our clients, through cutting just 24 hours before delivery, making for a ready-to-go garden or lawned area.

Exceeding expectations is what we do best

From the very start it was imperative to James that he exceeded expectations both in terms of the quality of the garden turf and garden soil but also with the service and delivery we offer.

It has taken many years to perfect our products and services which have now accrued an unrivalled national reputation.

Rollaturf wagon waiting for grass turf Harvesting grass turf Garden turf and top soil loaded for delivery Rollaturf team member by the grass turf harvester

Kerbside delivery in the North East

Deliveries in the North East are carried out by one of our wagons with a mounted forklift. This can allow us to get your order closer to where you need it than other suppliers without this specialist equipment. Locations our wagons deliver to include:

Pallet delivery throughout the UK

Deliveries outside of the North East are carried out using Palletline who are the UK’s premier overnight pallet distribution company and have lots of experience in the delivery of turf.  They use wagons equipped with tail lifts and then push pallets off using a ‘pump truck’. Locations for pallet delivery include: