Garden Turf and Topsoil Delivered To Darlington and DL Postcodes

15 years of supplying the north east, specifically, Darlington and its surrounding DL postcodes, with quality ready-to-roll garden turf five days a week, all year around makes us the best option for your next landscaping project.

Our team of turfing experts deliver your requirements with HGV lorries, all featuring detachable forklifts. This means we can drop your turf off wherever you need it across the Darlington and surrounding areas.

We also offer an exceptionally reliable, next day delivery service, so if you have a last-minute requirement for grass turf, you’re in the right place! Just place your order here at our online shop or over the phone to us before 3pm the day before you want your delivery and we will have your turf with you in no time, wherever and whenever you need it, it’s so easy!

All of our garden turf can be cut to the length you require (by square metreage). Please note that our turf is 40cm wide x 250cm long with each roll at 1 square metre and is cut to a depth of 15mm. Therefore we do recommend that before you place your order, you take this into consideration, for example if you want polished results for turf next to paving.

Please note that our pallets are full when carrying 68 square metres of grass turf (68 rolls) which weighs in at 1.2 tonnes.

Our grass turf is grown for 18 months before being harvested, which means you get the best results – a fine, quality and durable finish. Harvesting no sooner than 24 hours before delivery, we ensure the turf arrives to you in its absolute best condition.

We will often cut garden turf the very morning of delivery across the Summer months to ensure the best condition. To maintain this exceptional condition, we would always suggest that you lay the turf the very same day as we deliver. Although, if this is not possible, in the Autumn and Winter, you can keep the turf in its rolled-up state for up to 2 days after delivery.

Placing your grass turf order is so easy, you can do this here at our online shop or you can call our office on 01325 339 259 and we will take your order over the phone and that’s whether you need it for the next day or in a month’s time.

Payment can be made over the phone with a credit or debit card. Just let us know what is best for you and we can then organise that for you. If you would prefer, we can also take cash payment on delivery for you.

Our grass turf is made using a perfect mix of fine fescue grass and a rye grass. This makes for our trademark fine-looking, hard wearing grass which is then both suitable for domestic lawns and for trade purposes.

Grass turf stack on a pallet A close up image of a grass turf roll A close up image of premium topsoil Rollaturf decorative bark bulk bag

Did you know that we are also known for providing Darlington and surrounding areas with quality soil for planting? These can be ordered in both bags and bulk loads, depending on how much you require.

For those of you who are looking for turf for a bigger project, you can order bulk loads both here online or by phone on 01325 339 259 and we can arrange delivery for you.

You can always save money and time when you order your garden turf and garden topsoil direct to your Darlington address.

If you would like to know more about our garden topsoil, head over to our topsoil page.

Likewise, check out the information on our fertiliser page to know more about how we keep our turf in the best condition all year long and continue the same amazing results!

If you have any questions about delivering our garden turf or garden topsoil to you simply call us on 01325 339 259.