Garden Turf and Topsoil Delivered To Bristol and BS Postcodes

For some 15 years we have supplied the UK, namely Bristol and surrounding BS postcodes, with quality ready-to-roll garden turf five days a week, all year round.

Throughout the UK our deliveries are carried out using Palletline who are the UK’s premier overnight pallet distribution company and have lots of experience in the delivery of turf.

Our next day delivery policy, makes for the perfect last-minute garden or grass turf solution. Simply submit your order to us before 11am and we will make touch with you to organise the best location and time of delivery for you. It’s as simple as that!

Our garden turf can be cut to whatever length (by square meterage) you need it to be. The size of our turf is 40cm wide x 250cm long with each roll at 1 square metre. Our turf is cut out a depth of 15mm and it is advisable that you take this into consideration when you’re planning your paving for example, to ensure the finish is flush and tidy.

Our full pallets carry 68 square metres of grass turf (68 rolls) which weighs in at 1.2 tonnes.

Our grass turf is grown for 18 months before being harvested to ensure for the best quality, and durable finish. We then harvest no more than 24 hours before delivery to make sure that it arrives to you fresh and in its absolute best condition.

Grass turf harvester at work Garden turf being harvested Loading grass turf on to truck Loading garden turf for delivery

During the warmer Summer months, we may well even cut your garden turf the very morning of delivery, to ensure for the best results for your space. Naturally, to keep the same premium condition, we always advise that you lay it as soon as possible, so please bear this in mind when ordering from us. If you are unable to roll it that same day of delivery, it can, in the Autumn / Winter months be left (in its rolled-up state) for 2 days maximum.

Simply place your grass turf order here at our online shop or just give us a call on 01325 339 259 and we will take your order over the phone, whether you need it for the next day or in several days’ time.

We take over the phone payment with credit or debit cards or if you’d prefer, we can take a cash payment on delivery, please just let us know which you would rather at the time of order.

Our grass turf is made using a unique seed mix consisting of a fine fescue grass and a rye grass which makes for a fine-looking, hard wearing grass suitable for domestic lawns and for the professional gardener; lawns, verges and amenity areas – sorted.

We also provide our quality -renowned soil for planting to the BS postcode surrounding areas, including Bristol in both bags and bulk loads.

If you have a bigger project on your hands, our bulk loads are your best option. To order one of these, simply call up our office on 01325 339 259 and we can arrange delivery for you.

For more information on our garden topsoil, head over to our Topsoil page.

Our Fertiliser page will give you information on the variety of fertilisers we use to grow our green and lush turf and we can supply you with this in order to keep your lawn looking beautiful.

If you have any questions about delivering our garden turf or garden topsoil to you simply call us on 01325 339 259.