Garden Turf and Topsoil Delivered To Manchester and M Postcodes

Our many years of experience have allowed us to provide the UK such as cities like Manchester and surrounding M postcodes, with the finest quality, ready-to-roll garden turf Monday – Friday and all year round too!

Reliable delivery comes courtesy of Palletline, the UK’s premier overnight pallet distribution company. Whatever your location, be it hard to get to or easily accessible, we can sort delivery for you the very next day, when you order before 3pm!

Our next day delivery policy means, even if you have a last-minute requirement, we can service you. As long as you order over the phone with us or order online at our online shop and before 11am the day before, we can help! Trust that we will be in touch to organise the best location and time of delivery for you, that’s it!

Our garden turf is cut to whatever length you require and sized at 40cm wide x 250cm long with each roll at 1 square metre, your options are endless. We cut the turf to a depth of 15mm, so therefore it is recommended that you take this into account when you’re planning how much turf you need for your new outdoor space.

When our pallets are at full capacity, they can carry up to 68 square metres of grass turf (68 rolls) which weighs in at 1.2 tonnes.

Grown for a year and a half, the grass turf enjoys slow growth before being harvested to ensure for the best quality and finish for you, our customers. Turf will be harvested no sooner than 24 hours before delivery to ensure of this continued best quality.

In Summer, we have been known to cut your garden turf the morning of delivery, so you get the best of the best for your outdoor area.

We do always advise that you keep the same premium quality by laying the turf down the same day as deliver to ensure it beds down nicely and your get the results, we are so proud of delivering. Note, if you are unable to do this, during Autumn and Winter months, you can leave it rolled up for 2 days maximum and achieve the same quality.

Field of lawn turf being harvested Stacked lawn turf rolls Loading garden turf for delivery Topsoil bulk bag

It’s easy to order from us, just place your grass turf order on our online shop or you can give our office a ring on 01325 339 259 and we can take your order on the phone, whether it’s for the next day or a weeks’ time for example.

Payment is taken over the phone by debit or credit cards, or if you would prefer to pay by cash on delivery, we can organise for that too, just let us know at the time of placing your turf order.

Our grass turf is made using our very own seed mix which includes a fine fescue grass and a rye grass leaving a fine-looking, hard wearing grass, perfect for both domestic lawns and for the professional gardener; lawns, verges and amenity areas all sorted.

We also provide our very own soil for planting to the Manchester postcode surrounding areas, including in both bags and bulk loads.

For the bigger landscaping projects, we sell in bulk loads. If you need to order one of these, call the office on 01325 339 259 and we can arrange a delivery for you.

For more information on our garden topsoil, head over to Topsoil.

Our fertilisers are the best way to keep your green and lush turf in good order. Discover the best lawn care for your lawns at our Fertiliser page and we can include this within your order to keep your lawn looking beautiful all year round.

If you have any questions about delivering our garden turf or garden topsoil to you just ring us on 01325 339 259.