Garden Turf and Topsoil Delivered To Newcastle and NE Postcodes

Rollaturf have been, for over 15 years, providing the North East, namely, Newcastle and NE postcodes, with exceptional quality ready-to-roll garden turf five days a week and not just that, but all year round.

Our fleet of HGV lorries all have detachable forklifts making turf drop offs direct to wherever you need, even easier. Whatever your location, from driveway to gateway, we are on hand to organise and exceed your expectations along the way.

We have a next day delivery service, so all of your last-minute needs can be met. All you need to do is place your order before 3pm and we will organise the best location and drop off time with you, easy as that!

Did you know that our garden turf can be cut to whatever length (by square metreage) you need?  The sizing of our turf is 40cm wide x 250cm long with each roll at 1 square metre and is cut out to a depth of 15mm. Please note that it is recommended that you take this into consideration when you’re planning your paving, to ensure the finish is flush and tidy.

When our pallets are at capacity, they can carry 68 square metres of grass turf (68 rolls) which weighs in at 1.2 tonnes.

Field of growing grass turf Rollaturf team member harvesting grass turf

Grown carefully over 18 months, our grass turf waits until then before being harvested to ensure for the best quality and finish which will continue over time.

Then, our turf is harvested no more than 24 hours before delivery to you, to ensure that it arrives fresh and in the best condition.

In the Summertime, we have been known to cut garden turf the same morning as delivery, to ensure for the best results. Likewise, to keep the same exceptional condition, we will always recommend that you lay your turf down as soon as you can. Please be aware of this when placing your order.  Unable to lay your turf that very same day? Don’t worry, in Autumn / Winter it can be left (in its rolled-up state) for 2 days max.

Are you ready to place your grass turf order? Simply order with us at our online shop or ring us on 01325 339 259 and we will be happy to take your turf order for whenever you need delivery.

Payments can be made over the phone by both credit and debit cards. If you would rather however, we can take cash on delivery.

All of our grass turf is made using our very own seed mix consisting of a fine fescue grass and a rye grass which leaves a fine-looking, hard wearing grass suitable for both lawns at home and for the professional gardener.

We’re also known for providing exceptionally good quality soil for planting to the NE postcode surrounding, including Newcastle in bags and bulk loads.

Do you have a bigger project at hand? Try our bulk loads – to order one of these, just ring us on 01325 339 259 and we can arrange your delivery no problem.

Save time and order both of your garden turf and garden topsoil direct to your Newcastle postcode. Order both turf and soil for planting at the same time and save money on your delivery too.

Wagon loaded with premium topsoil and garden turf Rollaturf harvesting grass turf Pile of grass turf rolls Rollaturf premium topsoil bulk bag

For more information on our garden topsoil, head over to our Topsoil page.

Check out our Fertiliser page for further information on the types of fertilisers which can help keep your lawns looking good, all year round.

For all enquiries on our garden turf or garden topsoil delivery, simply call us on 01325 339 259.