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Turf Hartlepool

Rollaturf grows, supplies and delivers turf to the trade and retailers throughout the Hartlepool area five days a week and all year round. We deliver with Moffatt vehicles that have a detachable forklift which means that we can carry out deliveries where access is difficult and we can place your turf directly onto drives where possible. Orders need to be placed before 3.00pm the day before you require delivery and you will be contacted that evening with a delivery time.

The turf arrives in 1sqm rolls (40cm x 250cm) and is delivered on pallets. One pallet holds 68sqm turf (68 rolls) and will weigh approximately 1.2 tonnes.

Your turf will be harvested the day before it is delivered to you in order that you, the customer, receives your turf in the best condition and leaving you with time to lay it before it starts to deteriorate. During the hot weather we would suggest that you lay it as soon as it is possible after receipt although in the Autumn/Winter months it can be left for up to two days before unrolling but must be kept damp.

The turf is made up with a mixture of a fine fescue grass and rye grass in order to produce a hard-wearing domestic garden turf. The advantage of this means that you will end up with a fine looking, healthy lawn that will be tolerant to wear and tear and will recover well under stress.

Orders can be placed online through our website or, alternatively, you could ring our helpful staff in the office who will be delighted to take your order and payment via your card. If you would prefer to pay cash on delivery we will be happy to accommodate you, however, the turf cannot be left until payment has been made.

For any queries please call 01325 339259.

Topsoil Hartlepool

We supply and deliver screened dry topsoil. It is supplied in 1 tonne bulk bags or should you require larger amounts, we can supply up to 20 tonnes in loose bulk loads. Our wagons have a detachable forklift which allows us to gain access to areas where we would not otherwise be able to get to. This enables us to deliver the bags exactly where the customer may require them putting as long as access allows. For your information, if you can drive a car through the narrow access, then, more often than not, our forklifts should be able to get through too.

The product we provide is a screened virgin topsoil. This means that the soil has been extracted from a site which was once a field and is therefore of a much superior quality of soil. Be aware, if you purchase recycled topsoil from any other source, you may end up with soil which is full of stones and various debris.

All our soil is stored under cover and is screened prior to it being delivered to you. Therefore, allowing it to be much easier to work with, particularly when preparing the ground for turfing and you need to rake the soil thinly in order to achieve a level finish.

The size of our bags are 0.7 cubic meters and weigh a metric tonne. Other companies may use bags which only contain approximately 800kg. Our bags of soil will provide coverage for around 30sqm with a depth of 1 inch. If you have any queries or you need assistance calculating the amount of soil you require, please contact us on 01325 339259.

vTopsoil needs to meet with British Standard 3882 and we regularly send samples of our topsoil off for testing in order that we comply with this standard.

You can use our soil for turfing work but it is also of a good enough quality for use in planting i.e. raised beds for vegetables and flowers.

If you need to improve the quality of any existing soil, please note that we do supply a soil conditioner for digging into it which will improve the fertility and consistency. Please refer to our page on soil conditioner.