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Why We Are Your Best Choice For Garden Turf Suppliers

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As we already mentioned above, the high-quality turf we supply features carefully selected grasses that have been chosen to provide the perfect combination of appearance and durability. However, this is far from the only reason our rolls of turf in the North East are the very best choice for discerning gardeners across the United Kingdom. Below, we outline why our turf will provide you with excellent results, wherever and whenever you may lay it.

Turf for Sale Suitable for All Applications

Whether you are laying a new lawn for a residential property or you are planning to re-turf a public garden, you will find the grass turf for sale in Richmond on our website is eminently suitable for your purpose.

  • Low Prices - Although we only supply the very highest quality turf, our prices are among the most competitive you will find anywhere in the UK. This makes the cheap turf that we sell suitable for large-scale public and commercial projects as well as for small residential gardens.
  • Well-Established Grasses - We grow our turf for a period of 18 months before harvesting, ensuring that when you buy turf from us, you will receive a product that, given appropriate care, is guaranteed to thrive.
  • High Quality Soil - Buy turf online  from us and you are not only guaranteed a combination of grasses that look good and are hardwearing, but also a layer of loamy topsoil that ensures your new lawn is easy to maintain in the future.
  • Fast Delivery - The key to success when installing a new lawn is the speed with which the turf is laid once it has been harvested. All orders that we receive are harvested and delivered within 24 hours, ensuring that when you buy turf rolls from us ,they will arrive in the best condition possible.

The garden turf for sale that is featured on our site can be ordered online at any time. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to call and place your order by telephone during normal business hours.

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