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Fertiliser - Middlesbrough

Fertiliser - Middlesbrough

When laying your new lawn you may wish to consider fertilising it. A lawn requires the correct nutritional balance in order for it to look green and lush. We can supply that fertiliser for you. Our fertiliser comes in 1.5kg bags which is sufficient to feed 60 square metres of turf. It contains a balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Nitrogen is essential for the growth in any plant, including grass, and will give it its’ lush green appearance.

Phosphorus is required for the root growth in your grass. This will encourage your turf to start and root more quickly and a healthy root system will allow your lawn to be stronger and more drought tolerant which is what is required in a newly laid lawn.

Potassium increases the lawns ability to resist diseases and is required in the process of photosynthesis.  

Our fertiliser comes in granular form and can be easily applied to your lawn. Spreaders are available fairly cheaply online, alternatively, you can spread your fertiliser by hand. Either way, you must ensure that you cover the area evenly with the granules. We would suggest that you do this by covering small areas at a time rather than trying to cover the whole area at once as this will ensure the even appearance required.

The fertiliser is water soluble and so we would advise you to apply it prior to rain, or water it into the soil with a sprinkler.

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