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Caring for Your Lawn in Spring

Even if your lawn is looking really poor you will be surprised at how quick you can turn it around at this time of year. Regular mowing is a good place to start, but try not to take too much off as you can stress the plant. If you haven’t had your mower blade sharpened recently now might be a good time to get it down to your local horticultural shop. A nice sharp blade will cut the grass much cleaner which not only helps with the appearance but also helps to prevent disease getting into the plant.

A sure fire way to improve the health (and appearance) of your lawn in Spring is to give it a high Nitrogen feed. Using a lawn feed that contains Iron of Magnesium will help to give your lawn a really strong green appearance. When applying fertiliser ensure that the ground is moist or rain is forecast in the next 48 hours. If all else fails apply the fertiliser then give it a good watering. You can buy a lawn fertiliser from Rollaturf which is perfect for spring time, click here to view. If you don’t have a garden fertiliser spreader you can apply granulated fertiliser by hand but try not to over dose any areas as you risk burning them off.


A well used lawn can suffer from soil compaction affecting the health of the grass growing in it. Spiking a lawn helps it on a number of levels. Firstly it helps oxygen get into the soil which helps roots to form and spread. The physical action of breaking up the soil encourages roots to spread thickening the sward of the grass. Spiking the lawn will also help to drain excess water away reducing the risk of moss. If you don’t own a lawn aerator you can use an ordinary garden fork and work your way around making holes 2 to 3 inches deep.

Caring for Your Lawn in Spring

Date Posted 19/04/2018

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Caring for Your Lawn in Spring
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