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Topsoil in Newcastle

Newcastle Topsoil

We supply screened dry topsoil all year round to the Newcastle area. Topsoil is supplied in 1-tonne bulk bags or for customers who require larger amounts we can supply in bulk loads up to 20 tonnes. Our wagons that have detachable forklifts deliver bulk bags. Using these forklifts, we can drop bags exactly where the customer wishes as long as access if possible. If you have a property where access might be an issue the detachable forklifts are ideal as we can park the wagon nearby and then carry the turf using the forklift which is much smaller. As a rule of thumb, if you can get a car through a narrow opening, you can get one of our forklifts through.

Things to Know About Our Topsoil

The soil has come directly from a field or site that was once a field and therefore a much superior product to the recycled soil which some companies sell. We commonly hear stories from customers who have ordered cheap soil from skip and haulage companies and when it is delivered is full stones and other debris. If you are ordering soil from a skip or recycling company be very wary of where it has come from.

You are Getting a Topsoil Which is:

  • screened virgin topsoil
  • certified by British Standard 3882
  • suitable for turfing work
  • good enough quality to use for planting
  • stored inside and screened before delivery
  • 0.7 cubic meters and weighs a metric tonne per bag

You get a product which is dry and good to work with. This is especially important if you are using it for turfing and need to rake it out thin to get an excellent level finish.

Many companies (especially builders merchants) sell bags of soil that are only approximately 800kg in weight. If you are trying to work out how much soil you need, a bag contains 0.7 cubic meters. As a rough guide, one bag will cover 30 square meters with 1 inch of soil. Please feel free to call us on 01325 339259, and we can advise you on how much soil you require.

We send samples away to be analysed to confirm quality perfection for a variety of applications like turfing and planting. We sell lots of soil to customers who are creating raised flower beds.

If you have existing soil which you are trying to improve its fertility and consistency, please see our page on soil conditioner which can be dug into existing soil to improve it.

Newcastle Fertiliser

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