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Fertiliser in Newcastle

Newcastle Fertiliser

A lawn like any living plants needs the correct nutritional balance to looks its best. If you are going to all the trouble of laying a new lawn then why not spend a few £s more and keep it looking lush and green long after it has been laid. To achieve this, you must use fertiliser on your lawn. We supply fertiliser in 1.5kg bags which is enough to feed 60sqm of lawn. Our fertiliser contains a balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. This is why your lawn needs them:

Nitrogen – this is essential for growth in any plant including grass and is responsible for the lush green appearance of a lawn.

Phosphorus - this is important for root growth in the grass. This is, of course, especially important in the freshly laid turf as you want to encourage the turf to start rooting as soon as possible. A healthy system of roots can help a lawn to be more drought and wear tolerant.

Potassium – this increases the plants' ability to resist disease and is also required for the process of photosynthesis.

The fertiliser we sell comes in a granulated form which makes it ideal to apply to your lawn. To apply our fertiliser, you can use a spreader which is bought fairly cheap online or you can spread it by hand as long as you ensure you cover the area evenly with the granules. To help get an even coverage split the fertiliser in two and cover the area at half rate in two applications. This will improve the coverage of fertiliser across your lawn and give you a smooth appearance.

The fertiliser is water soluble granules, so it’s always best to apply before rain is due or to water into the soil with a sprinkler.

Newcastle Fertiliser

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