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Topsoil - Middlesbrough

Topsoil - Middlesbrough

We supply screened dry topsoil all year round to the Teesside area. This is supplied in 1 tonne bulk bags or, should you require larger amounts, we can supply in bulk loads up to 20 tonnes. We will need prior warning if you require larger amounts as we need to organise specialised wagons and delivery times.

The bulk bags are delivered by our wagons which have detachable forklifts. This allows us to be able to drop bags exactly where the customer requires them providing access is possible. If your property is in an area where access could be an issue the wagons can be parked up and the forklift can transport the topsoil to the property. Generally, if you can get a car through a narrow access we can get a forklift through.

Our soil is a screened virgin topsoil. This means that the soil has been taken from a field or site that was previously a field and the quality of the soil is of a much superior quality to that which may be sold to you as recycled soil. You may be able to buy recycled soil from skip or haulage companies but you could find that it is full of stones and other debris.

All our soil is stored under cover and it is then freshly screened before delivery. This provides you with a dry soil which is easier to work with, especially if you are using it for turfing when you require a thin level finish.  

Our soil arrives in a 0.7cubic metre bag which weighs a metric tonne. If you buy from other companies (especially builders’ merchants) they will sell bags of soil which are only approximately 800kg.

When working out the amount of soil required, as a rough guide, one bag will cover 30 square metres with 1 inch of soil. Any problems, please feel free to call us on 01325 339259 and we can advise you how much is required.

Our soil meets the British Standard 3882 which means we send samples away to be analysed to ensure that there is nothing untoward in it and can be used for turfing and planting.

The soil we supply is of a suitable quality for turfing as well as planting, for example, raised beds.

We also provide a soil conditioner which can be added to your existing soil should you require improving the quality of it. Please refer to our page on soil conditioner.

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